The Team

Sulaiyman A. Matthews - Founder

Andrew “Sulaiyman” Matthews – Founder/Managing Director/Chair

‘Sully’ has extensive experience in working with young people in the target area. As a qualified counsellor and senior key worker he offers skills in assessing, evaluating and producing solution based programmes designed specifically to motivate young people to overcome any issues they may be facing so as to correct any mental health or delinquent tendencies. He is the main contact for all funders and other organisations and the Project Manager is answerable directly to him.
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Volunteer Mentors & Sessional Practitioners

Ms. Rose Kerr Youth Manager at Southwyck House Hall Youth Services along with volunteers is Project Manager of the projects and all other workshops
Mr. Moses Alemu tutors at the Empowerment/Youth Life Skills Services workshops
Mr. Immanuel Ibrahim Youth Project Manager facilitates Film/Youth Night projects and oversees all other agency workshops
Mr. M. Dawsell Mentivation Services partner organisation on joint projects and workshops

All YES Mentors and Sessional Practitioners are assessed and are well equipped and experienced to work with the designated client group. Our 4E Key Themes are covered by the following positions:

• Education/Employment Trainer: Basic IT, literacy/numeracy skills, Diversity, E and distance learning, Web design, After-school homework club. Employment: Classes on specific training for youth with disabilities and learning difficulties, CV writing, employability courses, progress reports, Enterprise Training, improving Communication, team working, self-improvement/career management, Interpersonal, social/employability skills.

• Mental & Physical Health Practitioner: Emotional Health & Wellbeing, 1:1 confidential Drop-in/booked sessions, cultural brokerage, domestic abuse, gang rape, awareness seminars about sexual abuse, anger management, past trauma, depression, self-harm and suicide. BACP accreditation and UKCP/UKRC registration or equivalent. Insures all sports and physical exercise and Healthy Eating and Living are also undertaken.

• Gang Intervention Specialist: Develop innovative programmes for young males/females who are part of local gangs and/or displaying high levels of anti-social behaviour. Closely working with Project Manager/Coordinator, Volunteers, Mentors and Outreach workers.

• Project Manager/Coordinator: Accomplishes project objectives by planning project activities; evaluating implementation and progress of project. Create and deliver project work plans and revise as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements. Manage day-to-day operational aspects of the project(s). Ensures project documents are stored. Works closely with relevant stakeholders to ensure effective and efficient implementation of the project(s). Preparing an annual budget; scheduling expenditures. Submits project status reports to stakeholders; reviews bugs; plans software releases; anticipates and reacts to change.

Specialist Volunteer Mentors and Outreach Workers at YES are primarily from ethnic minority groups, which are generally under represented in this area and their visual presence and street experience alone we have found acts as a source of inspiration to the young people wanting to access our service.

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