Y.E.S embraces difference and will aid young people between the ages of 16-25 in their relations with not just peers but with also their families. Y.E.S will specifically target the conditions that lead to delinquent behaviour such as poverty and illiteracy so as to help the young person overcome any disadvantages which can be traced back to low self-esteem.
How we evidence our achievements
The evidence that we have that we are achieving this are by activities that have been delivered by methods that are extensive and have been proven to be highly effective in regards to tracking the progress of our projects, programmes and workshops etc. We regularly collaborate with groups such as Neighbourhood Community Safety Police, Schools, Colleges, Religious Centres, Y.O.T, Probation Services, Social Services etc.
Partnerships, funders, donaters and organisations we are/have been involved with
Our links with sister organisations means we often allow them access our trainers and facilitators who run our workshops such as: 100 Black Men; Southwark Children’s Services, Southwark Neighbourhood Renewal, Safer London Foundation, Awards 4 All, Local Network Fund, Mentavation, Islamic Centre of England, Hyderi Islamic centre etc.


We offer a bespoke Consultancy Service for all statutory bodies ranging from Probation to Council services etc and have in place projects to take referrals from all relevant services concerning individuals who there is a concern of extremist views or behaviour or both. As we have a proven track record in deterring and engaging people with such issues. As a non-faith agency we have been highly effective in challenging opinions prejudices and discrimination i.e LGBT bigotry, gang, sexual and youth violence.


Our Intervention Services have various methods of engagement, intensive work and activities; by offering the following:

The key unique aspects to our approach is termed the 4E’s:
1. Education- Certificated Accreditations i.e. ESOL, Media & Technology, Basic IT, Literacy/Numeracy, Diversity, E and Distance Learning, Homework Club, Microfinance
2. Employment- CVs, Social/Employability Skills, Self Confidence, Classes On Specific Training for Youth with Disabilities/Learning Difficulties, Enterprise Training, Improving Communication, Team Working, Career Management, Interpersonal Skills
3. Emotional Health & Wellbeing -CBT Counselling BACP Accreditation, UKCP/UKRC standard, Abuse, Depression, LGBT Issues, Healthy Eating, Sexual Health, Outings, First Aid, Sports & Fitness, 1:1 Confidential Drop-In/Booked Sessions, Cultural Brokerage, Domestic Violence, Gang Rape, Anger Management, Self-Harm, Suicide, Cooking
4. Exiting Crime – Gang Exit Strategy, Anti-Social Behaviour And/or Repeat Offending, Girl Gangs, Offending, Re-Offending

3 2 B ME-dia
Our present service will also combine the element of film to our existing 4E service the aim being to encourage our service users to follow their real inner positive passions which could be academic such as NVQs or PQASSO, entrepreneurial, sports and nutrition or employment related. 3 2 B ME-dia will teach the following aspects of Film Production:

¥ Plan, write and develop a script, film, pilot or web series, reflecting and analyzing your choices and decisions
¥ Get a packaged documentation ‘market-ready’ through current industry research,
with online guidance from industry professionals
¥ Experiment and test their own style and voice in a Raindance environment that supports creative innovation and verve
¥ Research, plan and shoot a short, web series, documentary about their journey travelled on the project
¥ Research, design and test a crowd funding campaign through understanding current industry analytics to support their strategy
¥ Study specific genres, narrative or filmmaking styles to deepen and enrich your material
Research, analyze and test new ways to build an audience, finance a project or self-distribute a film or digital project Study
¥ Research, plan and shoot a short, web series, documentary about their journey travelled on the project

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