Below are some of the highly successful projects that we have ran since the establishment of Y.E.S in 2007:

Bike Interact Workshop/Classes

The project was/is funded by the Metropolitan Police and is user lead and young people were heavily involved in putting it together.  We deliver cycling classes as well as basic bicycle maintenance. The outcomes include;

  • More young people from Black and ethnic backgrounds cycling.
  • Increase road safety.
  • Basic bicycle maintenance.
  • Increased health and well-being for those taking part.
  • Reduction in isolated faced by young people who have nothing to do with their free time.
  • More active citizens taking part in an activity that will support community cohesion and support active citizens taking part in wider community life. Bicycles have been donated by Metropolitan Police.

Condom Distribution Scheme/Workshop

A distribution scheme run in conjunction with the local N.H.S of condoms to young people on our existing database and those in the local community who are accessing Y.E.S. We also deliver sessions on sexual health and contraception. We also have free Chlamidia tests. The scheme is both centre based and done by Outreach too.

Squash Da Beef Music Show

The main purpose of the event was to promote community cohesion, non-violence and tolerance across London and was aimed at 16-25 year olds of all ethnicities. It was a day for kids to be kids and learn from each other about the dangers of Gangs, Guns, Knife Crime and Radicalisation. The day was about the positivity of multicultural Britain and reinforcing a positive self-image and showing positive role models past and present. We used the event to launch form a record company and label to steer kids away from crime and violence by using their own positive talents. On the day we had a open mic session and a talent contest with prizes going to the winners.

D.I.P (Diversionary Intervention Programmes):

The aim of the workshops was to discourage vulnerable young kids from crime i.e selling drugs to encouraging them to sell things legally. Young kids worked toward ASDAN qualifications at the end of the programme.

Creative Classes

Workshop engaging young people to design and print their own T-Shirts so as to re-inforce their self-worth.

Music/Film Workshops

Workshops engaging young people to record, write and produce their own music CD in a professional state of the art studio with a committed studio manager and production team and produce DVD’s and short films.

Outdoor Activities

Workshops where young people are taken out to engage safe and positive environments, like Paintballing, Go-Karting or Sailing or on History Walks which are guided historical tours of London. The focus on these activities is team work and to help strengthen community cohesion and juvenile crime reduction.

Anti-Extremism Workshops

Anti-Extremism classes were formed on request from the young people, some of whom are Muslim who were being pressured to have intolerant views. Promoting multiculturalism without exclusion.

Basic Self Defence classes

Workshop where young people were encouraged in physical exercise to build up their self-esteem and as a way of channelling their negative aggression. We often run classes with an emphasis on females who have been the victims of domestic violence or abuse or sexual crimes at Female Only Classes.

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