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BBC East News – Muslim convert ‘recruits’ inmates

A former British National Party activist Stephen Jones who converted to Islam in jail is trying to radicalise young prisoners. The convicted murderer is suspected of recruiting for groups allied to al-Qaeda. Youth worker Sulaiyman Matthews, an orthodox Muslim who is working against extremism, said he had talked to prisoners on their release and many of them were angry and had been radicalised. Mr Matthews said the British public needed to know the “potential threat”.

BBC2 Newsnight -Y.E.S against Stop & Search

Short piece on views of Y.E.S for B.B.C Newsnight show discussing the pros and cons of the racial profiling and anti-terrorist strategy of Stop & Search. This piece was played over two nights and is therefore in two parts.



Tessa Jowell M.P supports Y.E.S and Norwood Hall

This brief clip was shot by Tessa Jowell M.P in support of our pitch to Lambeth council highlighting our 2008 campaign lead by the youth to access Norwood Hall in West Norwood as a holistic Y.E.S youth centre.

Channel 4 – Jail to Jihad

This was a Channel 4 documentary on the rise of Muslim idealogical extremists in trying to locally recruit vulnerable young gang members and the important and difficult work Y.E.S was doing to counter this threat.

Youth centre campaign Short film

This documentary was a pitch to Lambeth council highlighting our campaign lead by the youth to access Norwood Hall in West Norwood as a whollistic Y.E.S youth centre.

Press TV – EHRC report: Discrimination rife against Blacks and Asians

The Equality and Human Rights Commission an arms length government body in the UK has issued a scathing criticism of police tactics against blacks and Asians in the country. The findings, the EHRC suggests, could lead to some police forces being d under the Race Relations Act. Due to our respect from and knowledge of street culture Youth Empowerment Solutions were asked for their perspective.

Press TV – Stopping gang violence

This documentary was shot by news channel Press TV to highlight the ground-breaking and life saving intervention and prevention work of Y.E.S to counter the rise in youth and gang violence.

Y.E.S: Showcasing Sickest New UK Talent- Part1 This is a video of a up and coming new talent vocalist Ray Ray from Sarf London singing “Im Ready’ with her partner at studios. She is a Songbird in the tradition of Legend Billie Holiday with the essence of Amy Winehouse.

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