Y.E.S has been established since January 2007. As an equal opportunities provider we work with disenfranchised youth of various ethnicities with barriers to participation by providing practical solutions to social inclusion and community cohesion and youth responsibility. Our front-line work is in the areas where there are large populations of African/African Caribbean youth who disproportionately involved in Gang, Gun and Knife activity or at risk of extremist indoctrination. Therefore to tackle the deaths, violence, poverty, lack of education etc of these particular youths the object of the YES is to offer self respect, awareness and empowerment so as the individual becomes a productive member of the wider community by bettering their chances for Employment, Training and Education.
Since our establishment we have offered the following services:

  • Finding homes for Homeless youth
  • Education and employment for N.E.E.T (Not in Education, Employment or Training) youths
  • Assisting young mothers in Positive Child Rearing
  • Counselling young people through their emotional difficulties i.e. Anger Management courses
  • Drug/Alcohol Intervention and prevention
  • Sexual health information
  • Transitional boy/girlhood to man/womanhood workshops
  • Diet and nutrition classes
  • budgeting and expenses,
  • recreational and physical exercise etc will take place in Lambeth in South London, a notorious urban area, which is drug infested, crime-riddled and is now targeted by extremists.

The Beginning

The founders of YES were moved to begin the service due to the rise in youth violence and their commitment to use their youth work skills to tackle it and see it decrease.


This year was about setting up the business and getting all the relevant policy and procedures in place to apply for applications. This year was just about meeting the local youth on the estates in West Norwood and Peckham and getting to understand why they felt the need to join a gang or get involved in youth violence. We also became aware of many of these young people being recruited by Muslim extremists to join training camps around the U.K. We therefore created innovative intervention programmes based on our feedback on what the youth told us and from our previous youth work experience. We secured vital funding from both Southwark and Lambeth.


This year was about intensive front-line work, and running sessions from a church on York Hill.  The charity then we moved into Old Library in West Norwood, all the time running successful activities to motivate and steer away disillusioned, alienated and impressionable young people between the ages of 16-24 from Gang, Gun, Knife and Extremist radicalism.


This year the focus was on really building up and developing on the essential trust and respect we had gained with the young people.  This was done by engaging them on all levels and helping them with issues such as housing, court cases, being appropriate adults on arrest etc.


The focus this year was to was the strengthening of of our policies and procedures and to finalise our board of trustees so as to ensure our progressive and steady development toward our Pan-London goal and securing of more essential funds to continue our successful activities and workshops.


The focus this year was on stronger establishment of our residential activities and networking with our sister organisations.  We also did more media work i.e TV documentaries, newspaper front covers and inside double spreads, Radio interviews etc. Such attention was gained due to our ever- increasing success of our services and programmes in reducing youth violence, crime and extremism.


YES expanded into the area of Consultancy and Training for public or private sector bodies. We also developed more projects that utilised the Peers and Mentors who over the years had successfully passed through our youth programmes. Some where encouraged into management positions and others became Outreach workers and Youth volunteers. We also strengthened our capacity to deal with the demands of young people during and after the August disturbances.


The continuation of more projects began apace by utilising more Peers, Volunteers and Mentors. Ex-clients were now used to help develop targeted projects with clients. We were now being offered more consultancy work and was attending and aiding other organisations to understand the underlying causes of youth violence and delinquency.


We are presently running workshops in conjunction with the youth services at Westminster council. Our Outreach Team is now also working with Youth Leaders and Community Leaders in Edgware Road on gang intervention and anti-extremism workshops and focus groups, especially in light of recent events in Woolwich, South East London.


Moved our operations to the new location of Southwyck House Community Hall known as the block situated on Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW9. Even though we were no longer in West Norwood we found the issues that our service caters for where more or less the same, but in Brixton much more urgent, increasing and widespread. We have also been approached by several statutory and non-statutory bodies to lend our expertise to deliver our service to support them.


Instigation of our new and well attended Health and Nutrition projects funded by Awards for All. This activity is presently running in conjunction with our existing youth services in Lambeth Brixton. We also gained more support from local government and public bodies such as the councils and police etc. In accordance with our organic development we moved in to the area of Consultancy and Training for public or private sector bodies which we will begin to charge to raise funds to sustain future projects.


We had a very successful end to our Second Chance in Life Youth Project Nutrition project funded by Awards for All/Big Lottery, which saw the majority of the service users removed from the NEET category and no longer involved in the criminal justice system or gang life to make safer and better life choices, leading to a stronger community. This activity as usual was run in conjunction with our existing youth services and Drop-in centre.


We have had a very successful start to our project 3 2 B ME-dia funded by the Clothworkers Foundation which is focusing on removal from the NEET category via 1-1 training including focus and group sessions, workshops and classes designed to spark an interest in exploring the field of audiovisual media and formal educational accreditation, training and employment by boosting self-confidence, promoting a healthy lifestyle and safer choices with reduced isolation. The project entailed purchasing new up-to-date cutting edge audio and visual film production equipment. We are now doing much more intense joint work with Brixton Soup Kitchen and intend to partner up more with other sister organisations

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