Dear Fellow Citizen,

Too many young and innocent people are being killed or seriously injured by Gang, Gun knife crime and/or recruited to commit extremist atrocities and we feel our expertise is enough to do something about it. We are pleading with you to donate today so we can convince politicians, police, civil servants and businesses to take such unnecessary deaths more seriously. At the moment we are trying to raise money to continue our life saving empowerment programmes and projects to save lives. We would ask you to donate generously to our programmes which tackle anti-gang, gun and knife and Anti-Radicalisation/Extremism of young people. These young people are in desperate need of your help and your support as without our programme many of them would have now been dead, in jail, in a mental institution on drugs, homeless or involved in extremist activities etc.

Without the help of the local community and volunteers we would be unable to pay for running costs or to simply buy food and clothes so as to encourage the kids into education, employment or training. However, we feel with your help and support we can offer more of a service. Our vital life saving work is already having an impact: because we have been recognised by most statutory bodies from the government to the police in having helped drastically reduce crime and improve young lives, giving them a hope for the future. Presently there are thousands of young people that are in desperate need our help right now and your support can help us engage and support them. We intend to reach every young person in London who is vulnerable to youth violence. Your donation can help save lives on London streets. Please help us to make this happen. No amount is too little or will not go toward making our streets save and rewarding for all.

Thank you.

Sulaiyman Andrew Matthews MD

Donations can also be sent to:
Youth Empowerment Solutions
Account Number: 85166516
Sort Code: 09 01 27
IBAN: GB76 ABBY 0901 2785 16665 16

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