Youth Empowerment Solutions was founded in January 2007 against the background of an unprecedented rise in youth crime, violence and murders, by use of Guns (mash, strally), Knives (shanks) and other lethal weapons. This rise was based on high gang activity as the government and other statutory youth bodies struggled to control and understand young people. Nowhere was this more prevalent than in Lambeth and Southwark, it was due to the founders being on the frontline with such young people decided to create a service that would incorporate ground-breaking, hard-hitting and innovative projects /workshops to not just tackle the problem but to provide a credible solution. We were also among the first to tackle the link between gang allegiance and extremism whether religious or racist.

Therefore by listening to the youth Y.E.S created youth centric and holistic intervention programmes that have not only empowered young people but to date but have transformed their lives in many positive ways. To this end many of the young people we work with between the ages of 16-24 are no longer within the N.E.E.T (not in education, training or employment) category and many have become successful in achieving their life goals and ambitions. In a nutshell we see ourselves as the bridge filling the existing gap between the parents, community and the young children and the criminal justice system and local government by providing not just a voice but a practical means of communication and understanding thus creating an atmosphere for positive community cohesion.

We firmly believe that all young people in the community should be given a chance to improve themselves to the best of their abilities and all entitled to dignity, respect and justice. Obviously being an equal opportunities service provider we aim to include all members of the wider community. We hold that all people are equal under the law respective of race, ability, gender, sexual orientation, religion

“If You’re Not Part Of The Solution Then Your Part Of The Problem”

-Sulaiyman Andrew Matthews

Spirit of London Awards 2010 – Nominate Someone Now!

Letting the Mayor know all about YES

Meeting with the Former Foreign Secretary Rt Hon. William Hague MP

Meeting with the Rt Hon. Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg MP

Some of the Young People who have been given a chance

Meeting the local Police

Meeting with the Rt Hon. MP Harriet Harman


Meeting the Actor/ Presenter Ross Kemp

Empowering Young Women at YES

Meeting with the Rt Hon. MP Tessa Jowell

Meeting with the Richard Taylor

Abdullah Andalusi- Moderate Anti-Extremism Muslim Scholar

Cooking Class at YES

YES Funding Award by Mayor of Lambeth for Outstanding Youth Work

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